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Payment Problem using both Credit Card and Paypal

I’m having problem to make payment using both credit card and paypal (more than 5 times). I have checked with my bank, the fund was transacted but refund from the merchant (Fiverr) after few minutes. I have verified with my bank that payment to merchant (Fiverr) is genuine and bank have updated it in their system as well.

Reported this to Fiverr customer service. Well, only received reply after 1 day, the agent said no problem on their side and requested me to try use same credit card. Ok, I tried and it again failed. And now, need to wait at least another day to get their reply. All i can say is customer service is slow and not attentive to serious issue.

I have google Fiverr payment problem. And what i have read the comment from Fiverr forum, this problem already happened many years ago. No positive feedback in the forum, seems this payment problem never resolve? Seriously, what happen?

I’m really frustrated. Anyone can help?


This sounds very frustrating.

CS are overwhelmed at the moment, so, although it’s difficult, you’ll have to be patient.

In the meantime, you can try using a different browser to see if that helps, empty your cache, try incognito mode … other than that, wait for CS to get back to you.

I’m now having the same issue as you! However, still waiting for Fiverr to refund my payments to seller that never went through! You’re right to say their CS is quite slow…I hope they’ll reply me within 24 hours like they said.

I agree with you that this payment issue has been going on for at least 7 years and still no changes. It’s really hard to trust the platform now…