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Payment proceedure..Kindly help

Hello Friends,

I would like to know that, as i come to know that after the completion of orders marked from the buyer, your amount takes 14 days to come in your fiverr account then you apply for paypal transfer and at last you transfer from paypal to your local account which takes 7.10 days extra,which in total becomes 21 to 25 days.

My questios is from you guys is there any process through which i can get my money instantly when I do. In this way i can have a proper way getting my monthly, and i can easily track tat how much of amount i have earned as per month.

Kindly revert soon friends,

Thanks & Regards,

M.Saud Siddiqui

Ya, tranferring from fiver to paypal happens in minutes, but its the paypal which again take time of 6,7 working days to send to your local bank accounts. And before all this happens, fivverr took 15 days to release your mone to the fiverr account.which take almost a month to your money hand over…

PayPal sent me a notice that bank transfers, starting October 1st, will only take 1 day. However, when I transfer to my bank on a weekday it arrives the next day currently.

but here in India, I hvnt found anything like this…@victoria91… whereas in premium membershipp it take 24 hours to deliver in your personal bank account.

But the main cause is fivver keeping our money so long 15 days, we must talk on this issue first, what say…??