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Payment process

Hi Fiverr customer support,

I’ve made a few transaction in the last month using Visa gift cards and I was able to make transaction go through, but this time it doesn’t let me through. I am curious if Fiverr changed the the way we make payment? I always use the same Visa gift card to make my transaction I did not change it to a different brand name. I am from the United States and I know there are many seller who are from many parts of the world but I don’t this matter because I was able to make transaction with this one seller but this time I couldn’t, and it was through the same seller. I also called Visa gift card customer support they say the issue is with Fiverr. Can somebody verify this?

This is not customer support. The forums are for members just like you. There is a link to customer support on every page of the Fiverr website.