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Payment Processing issues since yesterday (24th Feb)

This is the first time I am facing an issue with this, the last 18 months of usage have been relatively incident (and pain free). Yesterday, all of a sudden my cards would not process at all (tried 3 different ones to confirm there wasn’t an issue with the bank blocking it). Logged a defect with Fiverr Support, was told to wait for 12 hours and that it would probably go away :frowning:

This morning I tried again, and a couple of pending orders from yesterday went through. And the rest wouldn’t. I am still stuck, have reported again to Customer support, and shared screenshots. The error message is simple (below) and at this point I have tried 5 different cards…

Just wanted to post here to check if it was just me, or if others in the community are facing a similar challenge…

Sorry, we are unable to process your payment.
Please try again and confirm that all details are correct (for security reasons you must re-enter your card information).
You may also use an alternative payment method (such as PayPal or a different credit card) or contact your card provider to confirm the payment isn’t being blocked.


I’ve heard of this before. Contact customer support. Maybe they have a solution.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, have contacted them and exchanged several mails already. Am being asked to wait for 12 hours, lets see where we get after that…

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