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Payment question


Hi fam! Am new to fiverr. I just received an order which i have delivered but how do i get paid? There is no place for that? I need help , have i done a free work?


Easy answer.
click and read here:

I should take 5 minutes of my time and read the ToS.


Thank you so much. You mean I will be paid by fiverr? I don’t need to ask payment from my buyer?


1- The buyer pays Fiverr in advance.
2- You get the order from your buyer and work and deliver.
3- When the order is completed you get your $$, minus 20% Fiverr’s fees in your Fiverr account.
4- Your $$ is in your Fiver account for 14 days until is cleared and you can transfer it to your bank or credit card.
5- You get your $$ and you buy something nice for yourself


Alright. Thank you so much. Please can we be friends? I need more of your help on how to get buyers. I love to write . I need more buyers.
One more thing , what of if I decide to save my money on my fiverr account and transfer it whenever I want. Is that allowed?


You can keep your $$ as long as you want in the Fiverr account.
You need to find out how to go on from alone, I have plenty of work to be exclusively teaching someone how to work. That’s your task.
Your GIG = Your business
You can find plenty of help from different wonderful people here when you post a thread.
Good luck!