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Payment Rage

I am doing my first ever buy. When I go to ORDER NOW and click. It tells me…

We’re having some technical problems, and couldn’t process your payment to start the order for ‘be your singer for a 30 second demo of any genre’.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and suggest you try ordering this Gig again.

I did and no luck same message.
When I go to any help pages in Fiverr. You have to enter an order number. THERE IS NO ORDER NUMBER. BECAUSE THE ORDER IS NOT COMPLETE!!!
ANY IDEAS ??? I’ve been fiddling around like an idiot for the past 30 minutes.

I recently changed my credit card on Paypal because the old UK one expired last month and I replaced it with my UAE one. Are they not accepted?

You may have to bring this issue up to --> Customer Support

Thanks theratypist Yes that’s where I requested the help and it asks for an order number when you request help for Buyers in the Buyers section. I haven’t got got and order number yet and it is mandatory to ask for help.

Use the report a bug choice instead of order support. Sometimes a live chat pops up, you may even try to use that. :slight_smile:

The forms are specific to the main category, as this issue occurs before the order is created you can pick Feature support then select Other buying features.

Thanks to both of you I’ll try that


Thanks man, that was not clear on the help page. They really should look at usability on that. The rest of the site is great so far in that way…I really would not have known to go to FEATURE SUPPORT

I’ve had this happen too and after many tries had it finally work. Good luck and I hope you finally get your order placed!

contact CS and let them fix it for you. i think it will save you a lot of worries

Unfortunately Fiverr Paypal payments are routed through Isreal. I live in the UAE. My card is with a UAE bank. No show, as far as all Middle East banks are concerned. Why the hell does Fiverr route their transactions through Isreal??? Must be some tax dodge. Maybe I should have tried Panama instead.

Fiverr is headquartered in Israel.

Wow Really I don’t know it ?