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Payment Received Two Times but Order not Confirmed


Hi Friends,

Today, I received offer 75 $ ( including fiver fee 78.75 $ ) and tried to make the payment through two different credit cards. Both cards have been charged 78.85 $ however order not placed because on the confirmation stage I received “oops” message. I called my banks both of them confirmed payment and advised me to contact fiverr.

In sum, money ( paid twice ) in fiverr’s account but order confirmation not in place

Do you think that it is a problem which can been resolved easily ?

Best Regards



Visit this link and write your concern here.


I have written and await for feedback. Do you know how long it takes to be resolved ? My worry is not to receive a reply soon and living with this trouble for days in my mind.


anything from 24-48 hours. Do check your email or the link above for a reply.


do you think it can be resolved certainly ?


If you are a buyer and it is a genuine problem then I am certain that you’ll help for sure.


as a response to my query, fiverr marked solved and assigned to someone , but actually my problem not solved.
what is the meaning of “solved” is that “assigned to someone” or “problem solved”. Without solving problem, how can it be marked as “solved” ?


You can still reply to the message even though it was marked as solved.


Dear annai80 , I have been charged for an order twice, order still not confirmed, in short my problem has not been solved.
How fiverr can say this problem solved. In which section, I need to raise this question ? Trust & Security ?


Did you check your bank statement to see if a refund was issued? If not, reply to the ticket and let them know it has not been solved. Sometimes it happens that a ticket gets marked as solved. It might be due to the representative forwarding the ticket to another department. You can still reply to it though.


I have called banks right now , there is no refund. I did not understand why they marked as solved :anguished: I am worried that I paid almost 160 $ for nothing if this is not resolved.


Hi,I understand your fears and disappointments. Try contacting CS again telling them your latest update. I am sure it would be resolved.:slight_smile:


I have written them again. I am very disappointed of the situation :frowning: I had ordered 50 $ job before, it was without any problem but this time I have been charged twice in return of nothing.


Ok @fehmarnbeltlink. Just wait for a feedback and hear what they have to say. Keep calm :slight_smile: