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Payment Refund [ARCHIVED]

Hi, i cancelled an order as the work was extremely poor and i was wondering how i go about actually getting my money back out of my account. I have no need for this type of service now as i just did the work myself, i came here to get a professional job done but the work was worse than what i could do myself. is there some way of getting the money put back onto my card?


after cancellation money would be refunded automaticaly in to your account!

It has been refunded to my Fiverr account but i want it back onto my card as i no longer have use for it on here, is there a way to do this?

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So basically they take your money, you get a shit standard of work and then you dont even have the right to your own money back…what an absolute joke!

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I wouldn’t be bothered if it was only $5 it was more like $30 and the quality of the work i got for that was absolutely shocking. To say they were a professional nothing they did was close to looking professional. Its not right that you should have to pay upfront for a service when the standard is so poor! I understand that people shouldn’t have to work for free but if your shit at your job you don’t deserve to get paid. is there actually anyway of contacting Fiverr? all i can find is a stupid FAQ type page, no actual means to contact a real person.

I did communicate with the person before i had the work done, i looked at her page which i presumed the designs on there were done by her but after getting my work back from her she obviously didn’t. the work i got back looked like a four year old had done it, i designed the logo originally and wanted it improving and gave free reign to change what ever she liked and to use it as an idea. She basically just moved bits around and added clip art quality images… nothing i couldn’t have done myself. i don’t need any other service on here now as i just redesigned it again myself and am happy with the way it looks.

I’m having the same issue except I just submitted for the credit. Would have been happy with that. I picked a new seller who was offering more services for the price then others. I assumed this is because they had 0 reviews and were new. Said they were in the United States, but local time and communication proved they were not. (I don’t care where they are or what language they speak but this shows they obviously lied). Got the first communication upsetting a package I did not see in their listing but I paid 25 more for 6 logo options vs 1. They delivered quickly two logos. They were not good. Stock art and standard fonts. I asked for more options as I paid for the 6. No response for 3 days. Filed the refund and magically 1 new logo is loaded. How does this circle even end? Do I just have to accept and lose the money? Ignore it and lose the money, or file for a refund again??

I ended up buying another designer package this weekend, that person delivered straight from adobe stock art a logo I had already seen. I requested modifications, they agreed and completed it. I accepted and paid.

What I was surprised about in this whole experience is these are mostly resources just searching Adobe Stock for royalty free graphics to paste in some font and have access to Illustrator. Granted I agree that is worth some money, but I guess I was expecting differently and maybe i got what I paid for. Seems that in both cases of my orders, they try to deliver the bare minimum option first and then never really give you all the services in the description unless you push for it.

As stated in the Terms of Service (you agreed to the terms by creating an account on Fiverr), your funds are returned as Fiverr credit for further purchases.

You can try asking Customer Support to send your funds back to your card by submitting a ticket to them (here’s how to do it: They will only accept to do it a limited number of times, though.

That’s fine so long as I can get my money back, as I said the work quality was nothing close to what they had on their profile and as I have done the work myself I no longer have the need to go to someone else. From the sounds of it there are a lot of people on here delivering sub standard work, but when you have to pay upfront before even getting a sample of their work what are you supposed to do. I asked for a sample before going ahead but they wouldn’t do it. If they are showing high end quality logos that they have supposedly done then that’s what they should deliver otherwise they are falsely advertising their work. I’m not just being picky regarding the work…it was blatantly obvious that they had used stock images and basic fonts as opposed to delivering fonts and images I couldn’t do myself…that was the whole point in paying for the service. I actually paid $35 in total, may not be a massive amount but it’s still $35 for something that’s worse than what I can produce for free.

This post might help

According to the ToS, refund to the payment provider can be done a limited number of times, and according to the help articles, it can be done one time only? It might cause confusion.

I too wanted answers for this question. How do i get my money back into my bank account ?
Pathetic !! they charge processing fees and only refund after deducting the processing fee.

The question is sufficient answered by catwriter above.

I think CS is a tad flexible on it although on for special situations. Once is pretty much the guarantee (with no mitigating circumstances) and a one-time request will usually be OK’d for any reason. Fiverr understands that in a special case, like a $1K custom order refund, the buyer might not be able to use that much credit again.
So, although once is the rule, a second or third time might happen upon request.

The other thing is that once applies to buyers who want to keep their accounts. If someone wants $5 back twice in a row and they never intend to buy again, Fiverr might refund and close the account.

One summary before closing this thread: Have Fiverr credit but need a full refund? Check these: