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Payment Request Declined

Hello guys, anyone ever had a problem
with withdrawing money? Made legit money with legit traffic, all of them are interested in freelancers products and I have no idea actually why they would decline my payment request. Anybody has any tips how I might fix it? Support not replying for 1month.


I’m sorry, but the wording of your situation is too vague to accurately determine what exactly is going on.

First, did you complete actually-placed orders as a seller through the Fiverr platform?

Did you receive any notifications from Fiverr/Paypal/Payoneer as to why fund withdrawal would be turned down?

What exactly did you contact CS in regards to?

Saying you “made legit money with legit traffic” unfortunately does not sound very “legit” at first read.

Fiverr affiliates is an entirely different kettle of fish than being a seller on Fiverr; I don’t really have any knowledge or firsthand experience with the program, so I’m not any help, unfortunately.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the affiliates program will chime in.

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Well thanks for trying atleast! Hopefully this will get fixed in someway :frowning:

Different problem than in your previous thread? Reached 100$ , cannot request payment

Yes, you didn’t specify if it was from orders that you completed or payment for Fiverr Affiliates program. It is a different program with different requirements.