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Payment screen stuck

So i placed a order and confirmed my payment, However the page got stuck on a screen with the loading wheel and never progressed, However the money has been taken out of my account for the order but has not shown up on my dashboard (i do have a screenshot of the webpage and a screenshot of my bank with the transaction as well) I have lodged a ticket to fiverr but am wondering if anyone else could shed some insight?

Hi there. That seems to happen not often but sometimes, I’ve had about one hand full of customers it happened to in over 3 years. Usually, support will be able to either “nudge” that order into existence, or can cancel it for you so you’ll get a refund and can order again (worked out in all of the cases I had).

What is important to note is that in these cases, the seller you tried to order from won’t see any order created on their side and will only know of and start working on the order, once it got through to them; something to keep in mind regarding the delivery date, if it’s urgent.

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AH that is good to know support can move it forward, the order time is fine for me as there isnt much of a rush, but thank you very much, i can relax a bit more knowing it will go through once support gets back to me

Hi, did you get any feedback from support team?

I have a similar issue where I’m not able to process the payment and I sent 2 msgs to Fiverr support but haven’t heard back from them.