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Payment services


Hi, there are a person who wants to buy a few specific services, not as asking for the payment of a specific amount of these services.


I haven’t a clue what this post is about!

All I can suggest is to check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works including payment for services.


what this post is about ???


Are you asking if you are allowed to ask to pay the amount you want for a service? :thinking:

You can ask a seller for a custom offer for the amount you are willing to pay. However, they may not want to do the work for the amount you offer. :wink:


Could this be more vague? :slight_smile:


OP is from Spain, and their profile is in Spanish (I didn’t know that it was allowed). Perhaps someone who speaks Spanish can help them.

(While the Spanish-speaking person is at it, perhaps they can also explain it to OP that copying parts of their gig descriptions from other sellers isn’t allowed, even if their English makes it difficult for them to write their own descriptions).


Hola, puedes explicar un poco mejor a que te refieres con esto?

Y como @catwriter dice, no es permitido copiar la descripción de tu gig de otros usuarios, esto va en contra de los términos y condiciones y deberías escribir tu propia descripción aunque tu Ingles no sea muy bueno, hay muchas aplicaciones que te pueden ayudar.

@catwriter I got you (sorry if it’s not allowed to post in another language)


Yeah, the forum’s guidelines say that:

The forum is primarily English-based simply because the majority of Fiverr users can all communicate in English making it a simple choice for a common language. It is not against the rules to post in other languages, but users should be aware that non-English posts may end up in editorial review for an indefinite period.

We recommend that users consider posting in English. Another idea is to make your post in English and then repeat it in any other language of your choice, making it clear that it is a translation.

So, if at all someone wants to post in any language other than English, they can do so… so long as they provide an English translation to it, too. Maybe they could just use Google Translate for this purpose (even though the translation from such tools may not be 100% accurate). :thinking:


Thanks for clarifying that and basically what I typed was things mentioned above. That if he could explain more about his question and that his gig description is a copy of another gig and that’s not allowed to do.


Sure, you’re welcome. I just pointed out a few things from the forum’s guidelines since you were unsure of whether it was allowed to post in another language (it might also benefit other forum users who are unaware of them).

I get it… you’re trying to help the OP out, and thanks for that :smile:


Hello, thanks for the messages … in the end I have seen that the best option is to create a new gig with the desired offer, but I also see that you can offer any of the gigs that I have and by offering that offer we can change the price.

Sorry for my English translation, is the only way I have.

A greeting!