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Payment status - where to find?

I’ve just delivered my first gig, my queation now is, where do I see the payment status? I know I have to wait for 14 days but I should be able to see “pending” or smth somewhere, no?


Just click earning menu you can see everything about payment clearances withdraw etc…

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thanx, found it now! It says how much earned but 0 everywhere else, not pending or similar, i suppose thats because the buyer hasnt payed yet?

When complete your order then you can see.

Because it will count as you “earned it” only after the project will be marked as a complete, not after you deliver it :wink:

Additionally fiverr have a free course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller where they explain how fiverr system works


After completing the order, don’t be surprised seeing 20% deduction from total order value. If the order is worth $50, you will get $40. Rest of the amount will be deducted as fiverr’s charge.

i know. i got a notification its complete and the seller left a review but that i need to review the seller before being able to see it, but i cant publish it when i’ve written it?

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Yes, maybe there is a bug, I can see rating but not the review. Contact CS they will solve the problem.

it worked now :slight_smile: H left 4.7, as only 4 on service as described but Im not sure why , maybe it was because i had a few technical issues when translating links? Other wise im not sure what took the rating down, it was delivered 1 day before deadline and done exactly as asked for.


Some people are very hard to be satisfied, your buyer maybe one of those but 4.7 is a good rating. I saw a seller had 1.7 ratings.