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Payment System Change

I am a seller of Bangladesh. Recently, Payoneer will disable my account which is linked to Revenue Card. I contacted with Fiverr Customer Support… They told me “Payoneer will give the best answer.”

But my question was,“I have signed up the payoneer by Revenue Card but unfortunatey Payoneer will disable my card and can I add a new card again by sign up Revenue Click Button ?”

But Fiverr Customer Support told me above answer and 2 month later, I again contacted Fiverr but they didn’t response my question.

What can I get the best option or what can I do ?

I will simply suggest you contact fiverr again.

You need to contact to Payoneer live chat Support and ask for removal of your Payoneer card from your Fiverr account. Once they will remove your card from fiverr. Than you can attach a new Payoneer card as your fiverr revenue card. Fiverr will never remove your Payoneer card.
You can attach Paypal account even your payoneer card is not removed from your fiverr.

Hi webgaan,

Well few months back Payoneer disabled my account too due to crossing the country’s non taxable amount limit, so after logging in ‘Payoneer’ they asked for PAN (Permanent Ac Number) to attach with Payoneer account. May be this is in your case too, check your country’s criteria of non taxable amount. If you are crossing the limit then add required document number on your Payoneer account.

All the best.

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