Payment taken, but still haven\'t got my website ,


I payed for a website to be built, although I asked Fiverr to cancell my order twice. the seller has got my money now, but nothing to show for it. I had early concerns, so Fiverr should have cancelled the job as requested. I payed £167.00 English money, which i quite a lot of money to use. I am trying to start up my own business, so this is really bad.


I am almost in the same boat. Heavily regretting using this site.


Has the order been marked as delivered?

If yes - if it is delivered with no website, go to customer support and tell them this, asking for a refund.
- if it is delivered but the website is unsatisfactory, check the result against what was agreed with the seller in the first place. If the site does not match the description, ask the seller to fix it to match the description. If you want something extra done to make the site better (that was not agreed in the first place) ask the seller for a quote to improve the site and proceed from there.

If no - if it is not delivered and late you can cancel the order.
- if it is not delivered and not late then wait for it to be delivered.

Sellers get paid 14 days (TRS is 7 days) after an order is marked as complete.
If that time has passed then you really have yourself to blame for not acting sooner. If that time has not passed then follow my instructions above.
You cannot just cancel an order without good reason (having a bad feeling is not a good reason).
When starting your own business, there are lots of times when someone may try to take your money, you need to be watchful. Alternatively, you can hire a consultant who can manage these kinds of projects for you if this is not your specialty.


The “******” was “t a k e y o u r m o n e y” although the stars make it look worse!


I had a Webdesigned by someone , who calles herself *******. Definately Magic. I have not had one sale to date on my Website. Then the Penny dropped. I asked some friends and I also tried to buy. Hey Presto. We could not purchase, as the PayPal is not connected. This has been the case since last Year. I contacted her. But she has not responded.

I now have to pay someone else on here to sort out her poor service.

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Could you please remove the seller’s name from your post - thank you!

When you buy anything on Fiverr, you have 3 days to test and try everything before either you mark the purchase as complete, or the system marks it as complete for you. You need to make sure everything works as it should do during that time - if not, you can ask for the work to be modified.

I doubt you’ll have much luck in getting something modified from a year ago I’m afraid.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find somebody else to sort it out, but please do make sure you check everything within 3 days of delivery.

Good luck!