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Payment Taking Longer to Clear in Paypal

After withdrawing money from fiverr the money has always been in my paypal account within a few minutes even though they said it would take several hours to clear. Now, their saying it could take a few days and it’s been two hours since it was withdrawn from Fiverr. Nothing in my paypal account. Anyone else experiencing this or is this how it’s always been with you?

I really hope withdrawal and transfer times are not getting even slower!

My usual experience has been like yours: minutes for transfer. I think the longest was about 15 or 20 minutes. Since Fiverr recently announced the option of paying by credit card (although that’s been available on a limited basis for a long time), and I believe Paypal will be processing those transactions, maybe as they make those changes they’re warning that the withdrawal process may take longer. I’m just supposing, here~