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Payment through Paypal

Is anyone else having problem receiving payment through PayPal. I switched from Payoneer recently and I am starting to regret it.

I have waited for many days and also Fiverr Support is just not there.

How long does it normally take?

From Fiverr to Paypal? For me, it’s pretty much instantaneous, I get the Paypal confirmation that the money has arrived within a minute.

From Paypal to bank? That can take 2-3 days, sometimes longer if there’s a weekend or holiday. There’s a paid option for faster transfer but I don’t use it.

Fiverr support? Going on many forum posts, they can have response times of even up to 10 days, probably due to Covid, many new users, and support queries.
Did you get the confirmation mail by Fiverr that tells you that your withdrawal was successful, and was the money deducted from your Fiverr balance? If yes, it would seem that Fiverr sent the money, then maybe contact Paypal support.

Maybe also check if the Paypal address you gave Fiverr is correct, and whether your Paypal account needs to be verified, that’s possible if it’s either new, or you received more than a certain amount of money to your Paypal account within a year. Paypal should have sent you a mail about that, and/or you should see it when logged into your Paypal account.

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I made a withdrawal operation on 27/08… on Fiverr they marked (Withdrawal Initiated), but till now there is no (Withdrawal Completed Successfully) …and I haven’t received yet anything on my pay-pal account.

PayPal hasn’t received anything but Fiverr is saying it has sent. This is so stressful :slightly_frowning_face: