Payment Transaction to Payoneer


Hi, i want to know that i withdraw payment yesterday from my account with bank transfer button but i did not receive the confirmation pop up or any kind of email
and i revenue tab message has been displayed that the transaction has been completed successfully
i am worried much can any one please tell me did i lost my money ?


I bet that’s something just Customer Support can answer…


Yeah, ask Fiverr Support. Payoneer is way better than PayPal in my experience


This thing happens to me also. I just withdraw my amount with fiver ravenue card which transacts money to payoneer. I just see up a notification saying that an email has been sent to your gmail acc. But when i check, there is nothing. Then in some time i receive a notification from payoneer informing that i have received a payment from my fiver account. The money is successfully transfered to my payoneer but i don’t choose the transaction method cuz i don’t receive any email. And the good thing is, no any single penny is reduced. So i guess there is nothing to worry about.


Yes I am in that process too. I guess I will hear good news soon.


If you use Payoneer, there is no confirmation email. Your payment will be in your bank account in a few bussiness day.