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Payment upon client selection - how does that work?

Hi fiverrs - i’m totally new here, so please forgive me if this is an ignorant ask, it might be.

I have a client who wants to hear 3 different singers on a short mnemonic. The job pays $200 to the winner that the client selects. Is there a way for me to get singers to work on spec and then pay out the winner?

I’m a legit producer engineer, i’ve been doing audio post etc for over 15 years, i’ved used online platforms for lots of voiceover jobs, i’m just new to finding a palette of singer options, so thought i would try here…


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No, there’s not. On Fiverr, buyers pay up front for the work they want.


Some voice actors/singers will be happy to provide a 15-30 second demo free of charge. You can ask around to see if anyone would be willing to do this. Then you can place the order with whoever your client chooses. Alternatively, find 3 singers on a lower budget who are willing to do it for $70 each if you want the full song.

This is a scam. New users get targeted everyday with the same pitch. The buyer wants samples or test work before they place an order. In reality, they get several people to send them ‘sample’ work and use what they like without paying or communicating any further.

There are no contests or the like on Fiverr. You will also likely get your account banned if you yourself ask some singers for spec work, then never pay them because you don’t get paid.

Fiverr is designed to completely avoid this kind of thing from happening. I’d strongly recommend you learn how Fiverr works before you start working with or hiring people for no money down.


thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

I understand what you’re thinking, but in this case its not a scam. I’m a lifelong professional musician and I always pay the artists that do stuff for me. I appreciate you educating me on how fiverr works and I get that. Thanks.

I get it. Its a rare situation which brought me to a platform I’m not familiar with, but I’ll keep looking since its not the right fit. Thanks.

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