Payment went through twice and order not received


Hi there,

After clicking continue on a gig’s page and entered my bank details, it rejected the 1st time and when I entered it again, it charged me twice. Also, the guy I was messaging did not receive any orders. Can you check why is this happening and let me know. I also did not receive any formal receipt of payment.

Mod note: Gig link removed
This is the gig I paid for.


All you can do is to contact CS, as none of us can help you I’m afraid. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did email but my email in the settings is my facebook email I address that I used to sign up on facebook. I do not use that anymore. I did say them to email me on ******. Can I contact them directly by a number ?


Hi there,

Please remove all the personal info from your post, otherwise you’ll get shed loads of spam.

No - no phone number for CS I’m afraid.

Good luck! :sunny: