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Payment withdrawal problem

Hello everyone,

I have a problem. I could not understand why I can not transferring my payment from fiverr to my Payoneer account? When I’m trying to transfer my money every time one verification code is coming at my mobile and after giving the code fiverr is sending an email. My Payoneer account is already added my with my fiverr account and it’s my second time withdrawal. First time I didn’t face any problem. But this time I couldn’t understand what is the problem?
So, would you please help me to get the solution?


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I am also facing this problem.
I am using payoneer for more than 2 years and now when i want to withdraw fiverr sending me code to my cellphone and then email like you have.
How to withdraw now?

Did you get any solution? If not then try to withdraw from “Fiverr Revenue Card” not from the “Bank Transfer” option. You will get your payment at Payoneer.

I always use Fiverr Revenue Card but this time its sending me code.

Have you taken payoneer card? or any problem in payoneer account? I think problem in payoneer.

Are you sure this problem from fiverr not from payoneer? Have you taken payoneer card?

Right now I am facing error so if error is gone then I will be able to tell if that’s fiverr or payoneer

Error is

Network Problem
You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*. Please try again later. fiverr

What I did now?

Have you solved your problem ? I am facing problem to bank transfer ,and try to know how can I solve this.

Hi guys and i solved my problem so in case you didn’t and want to know this is what i did

After a live chat with payoneer and it was 1 and half hour long. At the end he told me that everything here in payoneer side is perfectly fine.
After a few days talk to fiverr CS they told me that everything on fiverr side is clear
Okay so this is what i did
I went to the earning page and click the bank transfer option (If your country is not on the bank list then use fiverr revenue card option) It gave me the verification code and after adding 4 digit code it gave me a link to sign up for payoneer card. At that page You will also see already have a Payoneer account Click Here on the top right side. That’s it. I click that and sign in to payoneer and it was done.


Thanks i am also facing same issue. Thanks ones again for your post & solution.