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Payment Withdrawal via Bank Transfer

Hello Fiverr Community.

Fiverr removed my bank transfer option from withdrawal. now I try to again attach but the following error shows. “It looks like you’ve already submitted your Payoneer application please contact our Customer Support department for more details.”
Payoneer did not allow to linked with Fiverr I contact both CS Departments Fiverr and Payoneer but they didn’t resolve the issue.

Now I want to ask that if I close my current Payoneer account which was previously linked with Fiverr and then open new accounts is this possible may I can contact with new Payoneer accounts with the current Fiverr id or I will need to open a new Fiverr id. because when I go to close my account option in Payoneer they warn me that you can’t link this funding source with New Payoneer Accounts.


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