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Payment withdrawl Issue

i dont have paypal and i just didn’t remember that i add my payoneer card in fiver or not , but today when i hit on “Fiverr Revenue Card™” then the payment is deducted from fiverr but didn’t received in my payoneer account , no email recieved :confused: can anyone guide me ?


It takes up to 2 days to load unless you choose immediate load for an $5 fee.

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got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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same here… money is dedicted frm fiverr but didnt recieved yet in my paypal account… what can ido??

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Ask Customer Services - it’s the only thing to do.

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or it will take some time to show the balance??

It can take up to a few hours, but no more than that usually.

How long has it been?

its already 12 hours

Customer services it is then - good luck!

customer service paypal or fiverr

Fiverr first - see what they say.

i already informed both… no reply yet

You could have said that several posts ago!

I hope you hear from either or both soon.


i hav to keep patience… thnk u

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Omg. :joy::joy:. (20 characters)

why r u laughing dude

please help me i cant understand what hpn to the system

I can’t do anything to help you I’m afraid - you’ve messaged both Fiver and PayPal CS - all you can do is wait for them to reply.

I always Bank Transfer my funds but I’m having a withdrawal issue too. Been nearly a week since I withdrew and still no money. Fine on fiverr’s end, the problem is with payoneer. I’ve live chatted them once (last friday) and they said by monday. Now it’s wednesday and still nothing. So I’ve sent them an email as well. Absolutely ridiculous.

U people knw how do I get my transaction I’d??