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I got my first gig and positive feedback but my account says that I earned $4 (not $5). Did I miss something? I am assuming that Fiverr charges a $1 fee. Also, when should I expect the payment to go in my Paypal account?


Hello, yes Fiverr takes 20% of every transaction and PayPal will have a fee as well. There is 14 day clearing period after the order has been marked complete. Orders will auto complete after 3 days if the buyer does not mark it completed.


The payment won’t go into your PayPal account until it has cleared here on Fiverr which would be 14 days after the order is marked complete.

When you go here: you’ll see the option to withdraw it to PayPal there. After that, it is usually just a minute or so.

Paypal takes a cut as well.