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I’ve now made my first 6 gigs and should have earned 24$. On my Home-Page I can see how much money I have earned, but the little green square in the top right corner of the page, next to my name and profile picture displays 0$. Where is that money? And if I have earned it, how can I transfer it to my PayPal account? Or is that automatically?

Hope someone can help


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Hi there! It takes 14 days for the funds to clear from the time the orders are marked Complete. The $0 will be green and have a dollar amount when the money is available for withdrawal and I think at that time you have the option to enter your Paypal information.

Hope that helps.

Kiss is right…

I asked the same question when I joined a month ago and after looking through the forums found out just how it works.

After you deliver, your buyer needs to open the message for it show “mark completed” from there the clock ticks down 14 long days until funds are available for withdrawal.

If you deliver and your customer lets it sit, it will auto complete in 3 days from day of your delivery. AFTER the auto complete your 14 day countdown starts.

A few things to note, Fiverr will take a dollar on your gigs so you will see 4 dollars vs 5 and when you withdrawal your money via Paypal they take a bit of money to so 4 dollars turns into 3 dollars and 92 cents but Paypal is instant. If you have a fiverr card they take a dollar everytime you load it so if you only load 4 dollars it is now 3, money will take 2 days to load on their card unless you opt for the 5 dollar quick load.