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I already paid for a logo to be designed…now I need to get the vector files but when I go to order them it is charging me for the logo again and I can’t delete that part…HELP

Yes if logo designer mention to give you free vector source file then contact with him using inbox message.If he want extra money for original source file then you need to give charger again.if you need any new graphical work like logo,business card ,advertisement so contact here.

So you are saying you paid $5, but now you would like to add the additional amount to get enough for the gig Extra that includes the vector files?

There is currently no way to purchase an extra by itself without including the base gig.

I say message the seller and ask if you can just purchase the same amount of money as multiple gigs. If his gig extra is $25, for example, purchase 5 gigs. Since he already has the files on hand I would assume that should not be an issue.

If the original gig is not complete there should be an option on the order page to add the extra from there.

Thanks Iwritecopy