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I’m not sure if I understand your question.

Is the question how do you get sales?

Or are you trying to ask how do you get your payment?

Someone orders your gig, then you get your payment, and you can send your money to

paypal. It’s all written in the instructions, I strongly suggest you read through it.

IF your question is “how do I get sales?” that would be a bit strange since your gig offers

to make a lot of money in a short day.

One more thing, I will strongly suggest you to change your sample image since it is

clearly something you took from Google, and the image quality is quite poor.


Are you a spammer? YOu say you are an internet marketer so hopefully you know the ins and outs of things and where to read the Terms of Service.

But I think the gig title is not so good…it is

I will make lots of money, than click here for $5

But I think what you mean is this:

I will give you the secret tools to make lots of money online for $5

Is that a little more what you are trying to do, sell your knowledge?

And to get paid, once a gig has been ordered and delivered it takes 14 days to clear in your account. Then you can connect your paypal or a Fiverr Revenue card (Payoneer) and withdraw the money to one of those places.


We’d probably be able to help you more if your post wasn’t so vague, but assuming you’re less vague with customers and you’ve got completed orders you want to withdraw. Go go to ‘My Sales’>‘Revenues’>‘PayPal Account’. You can only do this with any funds that have cleared, which you can see below the Paypal button.