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please any one tell me that can i attached one payoneer card to two fiverr account for payment???

That seems unlikely because Fiverr will recognize the card number, and there’s no way that they can know it’s the same card owner. But to be sure, you should ask Fiverr Customer Support.

If your brother has his own Fiverr account (as he should), then he should also apply to get his own Payoneer account. What you describe cannot be done.


Reply to @kjblynx: but me & my brother both doing work on fiverr
and he wants to withdraw his payment but he has not any payoneer card but i have
so can i withdraw his payment from my card???

Reply to @genuineguidance: unfortunately he has no i.d card to apply for payoneer card can i attache one payoneer card to two fiverr account

Reply to @favourite1234: Hello, no that is not allowed. Hopefully your brother can get his ID card and his own Payoneer card.

Reply to @favourite1234: If your brother has no way to get paid, then maybe he needs to cancel his Fiverr account and he can be part of your “team”. Many Fiverr sellers have a team of people that do work for them. So if you get orders that he can do you can just have your brother do the work and you deliver it to the buyer. Then when you get paid from Fiverr you can give your brother some money. It would be as if your brother is your employee and works for you.

Why does your bother not have an ID card?