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Payments before getting the Payoneer card

Just a doubt: Can I acummulate all my payments here in Fiverr before getting the Payoneer card? Regards.

Of course you can. You can wait years if you like. There is a minimum of $20,- anyway, so if you have small sales you have to wait anyway. In some countries the minimum amount for Payoneer is $50,-.

Years??? Hahahahaha!!! Good joke :wink: I know It depends on me to get the first payment and it could take a long time… Thanks a lot for your response!!! Hugs.

Since you’re in people-helping mode, do you know of I could pay for the payoneer card with funds accumulated here on fiver?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Fiverr doesn’t stop you from getting your funds accumulated. You can pile it up for as long as you want. Moreover, even after you add a mode of payment, funds won’t be transferred unless you press the click or tap on your preferred payment method.

without getting Payoneer card of to yet.can i begin sale of my gigs if i get order for my gigs?

Yes, you can.

Of course!

I don’t know what you exactly mean with ‘pay for the payoneer card’.
If you mean the activation fee, it is subtracted from the first payment you receive on the card.

Thanks to everybody. It was very helpful to me. Thanks!!! :wink: