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Payments from Fiverr through Payoneer are blocked by my bank


I am from India and work on Fiverr as a hobby and withdraw money through Payoneer to my bank account. Previously, I used to get money credited into my account very same day. Slowly it started delaying and now my bank keeps funds on hold and asks for invoice which is not available on Fiverr. Fiverr doesn’t have any system for invoice itself. I sent them the Payoneer funds transfer mail, I tried to show the CSV earnings file, some screenshots, but they don’t credit the funds.

Sometimes they credit after 14 days, sometimes the funds are sent back to Payoneer, and Payoneer transfers it back and the process goes on.

My question is, is there any way, I can get the funds credited at least 2 days later? It is only possible if I have some sort of invoice which Fiverr and/or Payoneer has signed and that I can show it to bank and ask to release the funds.

Very irritating work and very bad experience :frowning:

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I have not encountered any problem like this as I have been using Payoneer for last 1 year. Can you please state the name of the bank?

Bank name is: IndusInd Bank Ltd.

Bank Transfer. This is out of topic!!!