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Payments from Fiverr via JazzCash

Anyone who’s used Jazzcash for Withdrawals, Please help:
I wanted to transfer my funds from Fiverr to Payoneer then withdraw it by Jazzcash but when I clicked the Bank Transfer option from my Fiverr account, Payoneer automatically and directly sent the funds to my Bank account instead of showing it in my Payoneer account so I could withdraw it via JazzCash.
I want to withdraw using JazzCash but I don’t know why Payoneer automatically sends payments to my bank. Is it because I have attached my bank account to Payoneer? But how else am I going to attach Fiverr to my Payoneer account?
I would really appreciate any guidance because the bank conversion rates are really bad compared to Jazzcash.


Payoneer is having issues with at least one card at the moment. We can’t help you here - you’ll have to contact payoneer customer services …

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Hello! Actually you have to make a Payoneer account from with in the jazzcash app (By selecting payoneer option). Then you have to connect that payoneer with fiverr and you are done!! After that whenever you click ‘bank transfer’ you payments will be sent to payoneer account.
To withdraw from jazzcash you have to withdraw the funds from inside the jazzcash app, just open the app and click on payoneer and type the amount that you want to withdraw.


Hi Sanah,
Payoneer recently introduced the card top up option. I think you should check that. Is it trun on or off?

My account is linked with Fiverr Revenue card aka Payoneer. I always use “Fiverr revenue card”. It works smoothly with Jazzcash.

Just want to clear it up. I linked my existing Payoneer account with Jazzcash. No need to create new account. It works.


Why bank transfer?
I use to click the “Fiverr Revenue Card” for sending money from Fiverr to Payoneer. After I received payment in the Payoneer account I open the JazzCash app and click on the Payoneer option then click on transfer.

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I don’t have a Payoneer card. I watched some tutorials and they all used the bank transfer option from Fiverr to transfer their funds to Payoneer.

I think you’re right. I think the problem is that I already had my bank account linked to my Payoneer which is why it transferred the amount directly to my bank instead of showing the amount in my Payoneer account and letting me withdraw it from JazzCash.

Nope, No need of Payoneer card.
“I have no payoneer card and I use Fiverr Revenue card” option and it work smoothly@

This is not the problem. I also attached my Local Bank account to Payoneer but I never see that money transfer directly from Fiverr to bank.

Did you attached jazzcash with payoneer?

Is your bank account connected to fiverr?

I have connected my bank account with fiverr actually.

Yes. My Payoneer is linked with my JazzCash. But no amount showed up in my Payoneer account when I clicked on Bank transfer. It simply processed the amount to my bank.

You have already linked your local bank account. so use other option na. :smiley: If you wanna use jazzcash withdraw through “Fiverr revenue card” stop clicking on “withdraw to bank”.

  • Bank withdrawal will transfer it to your bank not payoneer account.
  • “Fiverr revenue card” will keep your funds in payoneer account. Use Jazzcash then.

Oh okay. :smile: I actually saw some people get their payments in payoneer through the bank transfer option and I thought I could do it as well.

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yes i also use fiveer revnue card, payment withdrwa with in 2 minutes


You don’t have to use “Bank Transfer” option simple click on “Fiver Revenue Card” option then you can transfer the funds to JazzCash Wallet.


Exactly, It not takes more then 2 minutes :grinning:


Hahaha. Got it :sweat_smile:
I hope, your problem is solved now. :slight_smile:

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I did some quick math today and I realized that after the 2% deduction from JazzCash the bank’s poor conversion rates don’t really matter because JazzCash and the bank both debit the same amount to your respective account. So if a newbie ever reads this, go ahead and choose any withdrawal method, you will get around the same amount.

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