Payments goes to the seller without my approval


after I got the work from the seller, I was asking for improvements but the payment already went to the seller…

is there any body knows how can i force the seller to finish his job?



The payment goes to Fiverr the moment you order.

The payment does not go to the seller for between 14 and 17 days.

When the Seller delivers, you have 3 days to review, accept or request a modification.

If you accept, the order is marked as complete and Fivver begins the 14 day process to get money to the Seller.

If you request a modification, the Seller is notified and has an opportunity to modify or respond to you.

You cannot force anyone to do anything. It is your responsibility to communicate with the Seller ask for the modification and settle it with the Seller.

Good luck! :slight_smile: