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Payments in different currencies

I’m really confused about buying a gig, I’m from the UK so my currency is pounds so when I pay for a gig am I charged the equivalent of $5 in pounds or the sellers currency equivalent? Thank you.

I believe you’ll be charged the pound equivalent of US$5.00 by whichever means you use to pay. Same as coming to visit “the colonies” with your credit card in hand, buying some souvenirs, then getting the bill next month: you’ll pay it with pounds even though you bought the merchandise in dollars (not WITH dollars). Or if you made the same trip with cash, then exchanged it for dollars at a bank: you won’t get one dollar for one pound.

Ohh I get it now, thank you for commenting.

You’re very welcome~ :wink:

Yep, as Celticmoon said you’ll be charged the GBP equivalent. The amount varies each day depending on how strong our currency is (only a few pence). You should be presented with the exact amount at the Paypal checkout page.