Payments not going through


I follow the one screen instructions and it takes me to paypal, I log in and click pay and then I get sent to a screen that is verifying it. Then it goes back to Fiverr gig page and then NOTHING…can anyone help with any info as to why. I have already tryed: Checking paypal account for funds available, emailed Fiverr that are to look into it…but Im kind of urgent so Im reaching out for some info. Many thanks alot.


Are you kicking it off in the email you’re sent after you transfer?


Facing the same issue. Since yesterday


You have to check the email that you have on file with PayPal. There will be a link from Fiverr you need to click in order to complete the transfer of your funds to PayPal.



It seems that there is some defect in the server, but they are not ageing it.