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Payments not received!

I recently clicked on the bank transfer button to withdraw earnings.
It shows withdrawn in my earnings section, but I haven’t received any money in my bank account or payoneer.
It was a VERY big amount for ME!
I didn’t expect that from fiverr.

I don’t understand what to do.


All you can do is to contact support:

Good luck!

It will not reflect instantly in your Bank. If you’re using bank transfer, it can take 7-10 days. or less. but not instantly :smile:

Is it possible? That’s really bad. I’m new here and its scaring for me.
Please keep updating this topic what happen next.
I need to know how it finish.

If you have withdrawn already then you have to wait until reflect in your bank.!!

If you are New here. Why don’t you read all Fiverr TOS rules and regulations :smile:

Yes, It takes time.
You should wait I guess.

hahahha - You’re replying to me :sunny: - I don’t need help!

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Haha I know. sorry. It was for him only. I wanted to quote your message actually. I’m new here, still don’t know how it works. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

Read fiverr’s term and condition first. Hope you get clear all question answer.

Dear i withdraw 1000$ from fiverr and i successfull withdraw if you face any problem please contact to customer support.
Don’t be worry

Thank you everyone,

I contacted their support team. They said, they have sent the payment via payoneer.
Then I checked out payoneer and it showed pending.
I contacted payoneer, no reply yet. But I received an email (not about my inquiry) but it said,
“You will receive the payment in few days in your bank”

One more thing, it seems payoneer will take $100 as a transaction fee as I see the amount received in payoneer is $904 and amount that will be transferred to my bank account is $100 Less. That seems really stupid.(But atleast now I see the payment ‘pending’ in my payoneer. So it’s ok) I guess paypal is better.

Anyways, thanks everyone for helping me out.



Same problem payment not received in transfer to bank account

For instant transfer you can use Fiverr revenue card.

Hi Guys,
I am new here and I joined fiverr last month. Last week, I decided to withdraw my funds via bank transfer and made a payoneer account and even after almost 10 days, I didn’t receive any payment in bank and my payoneer is also empty since the beginning and I only received a mail of payoneer that told me that payment will arrive within 4 working days,

Is there anything fishy ? should I worry about the delay.

Contact the support team

Go to fiverr customer support