Payments via another payoneer card [ARCHIVED]


My first post! I have a payoneer master card from another company (TripleClicks, actually). Can I use the same card to withdraw fiverr revenues? I don’t see the need to get a Fiverr Payoneer Card when I already have another payoneer card.


Yes, you can use the same card to get paid from Fiverr. You will need to submit a new card application via Fiverr, after which we will send you an e-mail with details on how to merge that pending application with your already existing Payoneer card.


How to pay for a gig using Payoneer Master Card,?


The card is a Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card - you can use it just like any other credit/debit card so long as you have funds available to make the online purchase.



When i clicked on purchased button, it redirect me to a page saying this "“Please wait while we redirect you to PayPal.”"

There is no payment option page for me.


On the PayPal purchase page there are generally two options: pay with a PayPal account or with a Visa/MasterCard. Are you seeing both options, or only PayPal account payment?


If on the PayPal payment page you have an option to pay with a credit/debit card, you can do that. If not, you will unfortunately not be able to complete the payment with your Payoneer card.


Reply to @nissim_payoneer: I want to order this gig through my Payoneer card but there is no option. Can you help me in this regard?

Check the screenshot.