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Hi. I’ve ordered gigs, but the freelancer can’t see them yet. They show on my paypal account. What’s the issue? What do I need to do so that the freelancer can access the payment? I’ve verified my card. It’s a new account. Please help. Thanks.


Did you enter your instructions in the buyer description box? If you don’t do that, the gig doesn’t go live, and it won’t show up on the seller’s To Do list, but it will still show up on your credit card. Make sure your enter a buyer description :slight_smile:


Go to shopping > you’ll see all orders you made. For the orders in question, if you see active beside them, then inform the seller to check it out on his end (Because its not you problem). However, if you see “pending requirements” beside the order, simply click on it and RESPOND to the buyer instruction provided, you are now good to go.