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Payoneer abuse my money!

I am in big trouble here last one days ago I requested withdraw 346$ from fiverr to my Payoneer account after that Payoneer blocked my whole Payoneer account,when I called them they told me that this is an annual review and it will fix immediately and I will get email about that but when I searched in Google and saw the truth about that there are a lot of freelancers ran through this

So can anybody help me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :’(

Hello, sorry you are having this difficulty but this is probably something that you need to settle with Payoneer. Hoping someone here can help you though. Maybe where you saw others with this problem is a better place to get answers.

:frowning: that money is for living need urgently
I am too much stressed

Am sorry about your trouble. May be you can try borrowing cash from one of your friends and cover your urgent needs. when payoneer settle the problems and give you the cash, you will be able to pay back the cash. All the best friend

The main problem is I have more than 2 employee I have need to pay them and I have really need to unblok it very quickly

i now understand you. This is a challenge that many of the freelancers face sometimes. please make it a habit to be keeping emergency cash even if it is a small amount

I have emergency cash on that Payoneer account cause in my country PayPal is restricted :frowning: and also I cannot send money through bank from Bangladesh to any other country that’s why Payoneer is the only solution for me

i am really sorry my dear brother.i hope that you will get solution Asap

Yes pray for me :frowning: