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Payoneer account information ,

can I use the Payoneer account on my new Fiverr account? now I am close my old account start a new account, old Fiverr account is deactivated by myself, now I have payment can I deposit my balance in my old Payoneer account ??? i don’t want to create a new Payoneer account
is no any effect to my new account


I don’t know the answer of your questions but you will soon find the answer
I have a great question how can I create a payoner account and help me list all requirements I may need

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You need to have a permission from fiverr CS to create new account first, and let them know you just deactivated your old one…
As far as I know you cant use same payment method for 2 account but your old one is deactivated not sure how it would work…
Still You must have a permission from fiverr CS before opening new account !


i a deactivate my old fiver account but not deactivate payoneer account… i am just using that account

Cool. Right, Answer!. . .

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