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Payoneer Account Issue

I’ve paynoneer account disabled. Now there is no option for adding new payoneer in fiverr. Is there any suggestion ? PayPal is working but don’t wanna use .


Paypal is much better than payoneer , you can contact payoneer / fiverr to ask them to unlink the card from your account , then try to apply for a new one if you’re allowed to do that … I don’t know

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If you type “payoneer account disabled” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


I’ve connected both. Fiverrr say contact to Payoneer, Payoneer say contact to fiverr and vise versa.

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That depends on where you live. For me Payoneer gives me more money than PayPal and PayPal has better UI and Customer Service, but Payoneer is also good.

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Yes , In My country Payoneer pay better than PayPal.

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