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Payoneer account on two different fiverr accounts


Can anybody please tell me if i can use my one Payoneer account on two different fiverr accounts. Basically the thing is i was just planning to remove my payoneer from my old fiverr account and add it to my new one. would this work or would it create any problem for me?

And in case that’s not possible, then what’s the solution for it?



You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account, so just close the old account. And using the Payoneer from your old account will be fine. Make sure you delete your old account first before anything else. If you want to make sure you’re doing things right, contact Customer Support


But when you have a lot of skills and you want to sell them all how will you manage through one account

create more gigs on a single account!

Ok I’m going to delete my old account

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I have done the same thing, my last account was of level 2 with rating of 4.9 (around 50 orders) I deactivate it and created a new one due to some personal issues.

You Can Use One Payoneer account & One Fiverr Account. If you Delete the Payoneer Account from your Old Account Then you Can.

Talk The Customer Support Both(Fiverr & Payoneer) then you Can Added.

If you have more than one account, Fiverr will delete all of them.

I guess that solves the account management problem, but not in a way you’d like.

There is an option to make several gigs to cover those skills. Don’t wait until CS will find out you have two accounts and ban you.