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Payoneer account problem


A few days ago i apply for payoneer master card.But now they want my passport or driving license but i do not have it what can i do in this situation my fiverr revenue card option also hide
Plz help me


You’ll have to ask Payoneer’s Customer Support for help. Sometimes they allow people to use a copy of a bill (if the bill is in your name and has your address on it).

Either way, you’ll have to provide them with a scan of some document that proves that you are who you say you are, and not a wanted criminal or something like that. Is there something that’s preventing you from getting a passport?


Submit your National ID card what is provide your identity.


Thanks for your great suggestion


I Have Online id card and i provide it but they cannot approve it


1.passport, 2.Driving License 3.Government issued photo id
4.Birth Certificate

I believe these might be the alternative of driving license


Thanks for your information


You may submit your NIC card number and still facing any problem then I suggest you to contact payoneer’s support.