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Payoneer account verification

Hi guys. Has anybody recently opened business Payoneer account? How long did you wait for the verification of your account? It has been four working days for me and still no response from them. In a mail that I received, they stated that they would provide feedback within three working days…


Have you provide all required details for verify your account? And if still didn’t takes 3 days, please wait their reply.

I did. I provided all necessary documents immediately.

Yes I did

They will verify your ID in few days. In 2 days

Did they verify your account in two days? 4 days have passed for me, and I am still not verified :frowning:

Maybe you should just contact their support

They verified my identity within 2-3 days

I did. They said to wait more. Not very helpful. I was interested in other’s people experiences because their “three business days response” is obviously not true.

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As humans, we sometimes make promises and fail.
Just be patient and all will be fine.

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