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Payoneer and Paypal are useless for me in my country

I want to change my payment from paypal or payoneer to something like Skrill or us Stride how do i do that?

I think this article can help you:

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Did you read fiverr TOS? Or do you see the button for withdrawal through skrill or stride?

Of course you don’t because those buttons don’t exist. No matter if PayPal and payoneer are useless for you. That’s the only withdrawal methods that fiverr offering and no one else on the forum has power to answer this your question. :point_down:


You can’t. Only PayPal and Payoneer is your option.

I did :sunglasses:

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No you didn’t. He was asking how to add skrill or stride :wink:


If both Payoneer and PayPal are useless to you, why joining a platform that offers only PayPal and Payoneer (and direct deposit for US citizens) as withdrawal methods?


Good Point. Well, I didn’t know that payoneer do charge that much. Anyways is their charge fixed?

Which one?

You can see the list of their fees on their site.

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Use you can change your Paypal money or Payoneer to skrill, obviously they take a comission for the change

Im sure there are ways to transfer from paypal and payoneer to skrill