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Payoneer As a Payment Method

IF I remove the old fiverr account from payoneer and clear the founding source (old account was disabled). Then Can I use the same payoneer on my new Fiverr account. And if I use it, will there be any problem in my new fiveer account??

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Did you deactivate your account, or did Fiverr disable it?

If Fiverr disabled it, did they give you permission to open a new account?

Fiverr disabled it. But I want to add my old payoneer account in my new fiverr?? IF I use it, will there be any problem in my new account?

Yes, it will cause problems.

If your account is disabled, you’re not supposed to open another unless given permission. Once Fiverr is able to link your current account to a disabled one, via IP or payment method, they’ll close it.

Already, I created a new fiverr and using it. But Now I want to add the same payoneer before I add it in my old fiverr account. If I remove the founding source from payoneer then Should I use it??

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