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Payoneer attached to the friends account, need guidance

Hello Everyone, I have just started my fiverr journey and i bumped into a problem already, so here it is, hope you guys can help.
I had a payoneer account, i was not using it that much and wasn’t active on fiverr, and my friend needed to recieve funds from fiverr so i gave him my payoneer account to connect, And now i am active on fiverr, i asked him to create his own account, as he did.

Problem: I contacted Payoneer support to remove my friends account from my payoneer funding source and they told me that they have came to an agreement with fiverr and can not remove anyones funding source. I wanted to ask can i connect my fiverr account to my payoneer now? would it result in ban or something? or is there any way i can remove the payoneer as the funding source from my freinds fiverr and use it on my own account.


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If it’s still connected to your friend’s account, both you and your friend could get banned from Fiverr.

Yes it actually is still connected to both our accounts, we live in different cities, and so don’t have a chance of sharing the same ip, would it still result in ban? I asked him to open a ticket , as he did but 3 days down and still no reply from customer support.

I think you use a new payoneer accoun. It is better for you.

As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, one Payoneer account can only be connected to one Fiverr account. Where either of you lives doesn’t matter.

Since you have already connected your Payoneer account to your Fiverr account even though your friend was already using it, you have violated the ToS, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t both get banned.

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I asked my friend to open a support ticket, and fiverr CS unlinked my payoneer from his account, i wanna ask one more thing, i had an account on fiverr before which i deleted permanently, but my payoneer was linked to it, will it cause any problems?

That’s a question for Customer Support.