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Payoneer bank deposit fees

Hey. So I tried withdrawing money the other day. Payoneer charged me $3 for the transaction.

I read all the threads but they are mostly outdated.

Now I don’t need the money immidietly, I read that on Payoneer there is an option for $1 but you wait 2 days. I couldn’t find it on anywhere, not in fiverr, payoneer or any mails. Can anyone give me advice on this? I need to use Payoneer, I have no alternative but $3 is too much. Any help is appriciated. Thank you.


If you have the Fiverr Revenue Card (issued by Payoneer), you can pay $1 to have your funds loaded on to it slowly. If you want to send your funds to your bank account via Payoneer, you have no choice but to pay the $3.

For more info on the card, go here:

Thank you. Wish there was something else though, Fiverr already gets 20% from us. We should get a free bank transfer option for this.

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its not about fiverr, its about Payoneer, its totally different company.
Why paypal doesnt fit you ?

Paypal no longer works in Turkey.

So be happy about chance to have pioneer