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Payoneer bank transfer failed


I had previously created a Payoneer account to link to my bank account, and yesterday I clicked “Bank Transfer”. And with one click, I withdrew all the money from my “Fiverr account”. I checked my Payoneer account today, and under Bank transfer, it showed “Transfer rejected by processor”. So I checked back on Fiverr and it still shows $0 available for withdrawal, and I checked my actual bank account, and there was nothing there; did I just lose my hard earned money??

I then activated my “Fiverr Revenue Card” (Payoneer card) and got all the info (“any funds you withdraw from now on will be sent to your newly attached card”). So is this option different from Bank Transfer, also with Payoneer?

Did I just lose all my money?



Usually, payoneer gives customers the option of either loading your money instantly or after 24 hours.

As per the former, they’d charge you $3 for Instant funds loading…and $1 for delayed Funds loading…

So perhaps, your funds Could arrive in 24 hours time.

If after 24 hours nothing happens, then you’d have to take the next line of action.