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Payoneer Bank Transfer is taking too long time


I am wondering that on 13th March, 2017 I withdrew $100 from my Payoneer account to my local bank account. According to Payoneer when the request is processed I will get a confirmation email. The problem is, more than 2 days have been passed away but still I haven’t gotten any email yet !!! As far as I know generally the email is sent within 1 day !!

Do you guys know how long it takes to got the email? Cause I know after getting the email I will have to wait additional 3-5 business days more. Can anybody answer or share his/her experience here? :cry:


Typically I get a confirmation of withdrawal email about 12-24 hours after doing the withdrawal. Sometimes it’s fast, but sometimes it can take time. I’m sure it will go through, just create a ticket if you’re worried.

I’m actually having major beef with payoneer at the moment and will be using paypal again, because for some stupid reason they switched their transfer system for canada to be ‘wire transfers’ which incur a fee for the recipient-- $15 just to receive the payment! (on top of the currency exchange and payoneer’s fees) grr, going back to paypal.


You should ask this the Payoneer team. Personally I use Payoneer for my Fiverr earnings and only use the card. It’s all for fun shopping here.


Yesterday I talked with their chat support and they replied we are processing it and you have to wait :frowning:


Will you please tell me or provide a link to create a support ticket ? i am really worried coz I wanted the money soon. I got the money from a buyer on 9th March, then it took around 5 days to load in my account, they said that they do not work on sat n sun that’s why it took 5days to load !!! How funny … Now when I have withdrawn the money they are making delay !!! More than 7 days have been passed and I am waiting only to get $100!!

I m fed up with their service GRRRR


When you click withdraw button on fiverrr money wil go to payonerr within Hour. to bank transfer, you should log to payoneer and click withdraw to your bank. then normally it will take only One day. but procedure is different is in weekend. when you withdraw Friday or Saturday money will tranfer on Monday.


13 March wasn’t Sunday but it was Monday :rage:


check the bank today evening. if you didn’t recive the money you can contact customer service. they can help you regarding this.


I think I have to get the email first, ain’t I ? After getting a confirmation email which says “Your request has been processed” then it takes additional 3-5 days to reach the money to bank. But haven’t gotten that email yet :frowning:

If I am wrong then please correct me.


I received payoneer payments within 24 hour.