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Payoneer blocked my account don't know what mistake i made

Payoneer account blocked permanently. idk what mistake i made or break their policy they not give any update about it just get it block. Now there is no payment option is on my fiverr account i also have created a ticket on this issue but looking for expert advice what to now Paypal not support in Pakistan. and do not have any other way to get withdrawal my funds from fiverr. looking for expert advice please help me. I’m level once seller on fiverr and will be level 2 seller next month hopefully . Thanks


I’m afraid you’ll have to talk to payoneer about this - we are buyers and sellers like you and are unable to help you.


@manni042 Did you got any solution. My account i also blocked a week ago.

How can i restore?

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Were you able to unblock your payoneer account?

Thank you.

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This is not a problem that can be answered through Fiverr - you have to contact Payoneer directly (I think they have a live chat option) and ask them what went wrong.



Can’t restore , i have create another payoneer with new details of my family member

No , they have blocked permanently. i’m using other details of my family member