Payoneer Card cost is 30 dollars?


Hey guys! Does Payoneer card cost 30 dollars. On their site it says that only when they get 30 dollars on account they will ship me it. So they take 30 dollars?


Well, show what they say, maybe? Cause it was free first time.


This is annual fee for payoneer


Payoneer annual fee will be take from your balance i think it is $59


Hi kasi2018
don’t order card just make an account and add your local bank in your Payoneer account then It will be free for you
Happy earning


No, the card is free but they have an activation fee and an annual fee as well. So, when you’ll first transfer money into your account they’ll take away some money to charge you for activation and annual fee.

I have used Payoneer for about three years. My Payoneer account was hacked once but fortunately I got my money back in 3 months. Secondly, they have a high transaction charge.
I have stopped using it because I used my Payoneer card to withdraw money from an international bank in London, the transaction was declined by the ATM but the money was taken from my card. I filled dispute with the bank. They provided a fake proof of successful transaction. They bank stole my money. It was 600GBP but Payoneer couldn’t do anything. So, it’s a high risk service. I wouldn’t recommend Payoneer.


No, it’s free. They shipped it without any charge. I ordered a card for three times but didn’t get yet. It’s disappointed.


thank you))) will try it out


I am afraid I dont have other options((


Cause it was free first time


The annual fee cost is $29.99. They charge after you’ll make the first deposit.
I have a good experience using Payoneer.


is it a waste of money to use the Payoneer card?


As my information 30 dollar is not charge by payoneer 30 dollar should be in ur account


Don’t you have Paypal in your country?
I believe fiverr has a direct bank transfer option as well. I have never used it so I’m not sure how it works.


Yes, it is. If you are earning really well only then it doesn’t matter. If you have no other option then of course you have to use it.